The Donheads Web Site has been available for some 10 years, the original aim was to provide a consolidated source of information and news for community members.

Statistics show that the site has a steady readership that include users from far and wide. From time to time it has also acted as a web based letter box for people trying to book venues, post local adverts, and send news.

With an increasing number of organisations and groups now hosting their own websites this has become the time to review the need to continue this site.

If you have any views please complete our simple survey

Welcome to the web site for our community. We are the villages and civil parishes of Donhead St Mary and Donhead St Andrew in the English county of Wiltshire. Our parishes include Charlton, Ludwell and the Coombes.

During the community research that led up to the production of the Donhead St Mary Parish Plan, it became very clear that the favoured medium for communicating news and views throughout the Parish was the Donhead Digest.  Over 60% of respondents to the Parish Plan Questionnaire showed a preference for the Digest to keep them informed on parish matters and community events, compared to just over 10% favouring noticeboards, leaflets, meetings, etc.  For this reason, as many will know, it was decided, with Mike Montgomery’s support, to extend the then limited circulation of the Digest to every home in both Donhead St Mary and Donhead St Andrew free of charge.  Interestingly, the Parish Plan research also found that a community website was the second most popular form of local communication even though at the time such a website did not exist.  In response to this demand, and with the considerable help of Jonathan Waddilove, the original Donhead St Mary website was established giving local information, parish council reports and other news.

More recently people have asked why, given that the Digest covers both parishes, is it not possible for a website to do the same.  We have therefore re-launched the website to embrace both parishes and have given it a new name – www.thedonheads.org.uk.  We have also started to include the Donhead Digest on the website so that people can read the Digest electronically if they so choose, and to provide the opportunity for a much wider coverage.  We have provided a link from the old website to the new to enable those more used to accessing the original website to be connected to the new one.

The website is still in its infancy and needs your support for it to develop.  Since inception, it has had over 12,000 hits with the most popular enquiries being about businesses within the community.  The majority of the cost of production of the Donhead Digest is funded by the many advertisements placed by local businesses and we greatly appreciate their support in enabling the Digest to remain free to all who receive it.  Given the interest in the website, we shall be looking at ways of persuading these and other businesses to advertise on the website as well, thereby raising some additional revenue to support the development of both the Digest and the website.

Do please log on to the new website and through the ‘Contact’ button tell us what you think.

Peter Lucas and Julian Prideaux

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